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I’ve been feeling really crappy today. I don’t think I’m getting sick. It’s just pregnancy ickies. I woke up this morning to find Tiny out of my ribs and dropped! (Ack!) I’m praying that he’s just practicing and will pop back out. It is too early for him to even think of making an appearance!

My morning sickness has been rearing it’s ugly head for the past few days. I’ve been taking my Phenergan but it’s only taking the edge off. What really stinks is that I’m starving but when I eat absolutely nothing sits right. Which is just cruel and unfair for a pregnant woman!

I’ve been feeling a little better contraction wise over the past few days. Still having them but nowhere near as bad as they have been. Today they are back with avengance! Right now they are 10 minutes apart consistantly. My back is killing me with them too.

I refuse to have this baby now! I’ve got a shower in 8 days darn it! *stomps foot* (at least I would stomp my foot if I weren’t laying down to try and stop this mess) Plus I had decided he was going to be full term (even if that’s just 37 weeks) so that Rob and I wouldn’t have to deal with the nursing over bottle issue again. *sigh*

I wonder what it’s like to have a “textbook” pregnancy. *double sigh*