Bed Rest ~ Day 73 Sleep?! We don’t need no stinking sleep!

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And if you believe that, I’ve got bridge to sell you. *sigh*

For…what…the 4th night in a row (I’ve lost track at this point.) I’ve had little spurts of sleep. 45 minutes at a time. I don’t know what is going on with Elliott Richard. I wish I did though because I honestly may loose my mind from pain + bed rest + lack of sleep. I was so ready to write this post (at maybe 8 or 9am – not 5:10am!) and tell you how yet again Elliott Richard shocked me with his ability to know when it’s time for a change for him. I guess, to a certain extent, I can still write that post. Only it won’t end quite the way I had hoped.

Elliott has always done things on his own time. Even in the NICU, he knew when he was ready and if we didn’t listen, he made it loud and clear. Over the past 6 months or so, I’ve worked off and on to get Elliott Richard to self-soothe. Sometimes it works. Sometimes it doesn’t.

Lately our routine has been: Daddy carries him upstairs for me and brushes Elliott’s teeth. Then I sit in the bedroom next to his bed and help him fall asleep by patting his back and butt. Usually I ask him, “Do you want Mama to pat?” when he’s playing around and he’ll stop and say, “Yesh.” Well the past few nights I’ve asked, “Do you want Mama to pat?” and he’s answered, “No.” Well it didn’t occur to me that he was serious.

Then last night I asked. He said, “No.” Again, I didn’t think he was serious. So I started to pat and then I was distracted and I stopped for a moment or two. When I looked up, he was out cold! 🙂 I was pleasantly surprised. Then all evening while Rob and I were watching the season finales of our shows, Elliott would wake up and fuss. Usually this would require one of us to go upstairs and help him back to sleep. Tonight he handled it on his own! (Yay!)

I had such high hopes for the night. He self-soothed to sleep. He self-soothed a few times during the evening. I thought maybe, just maybe I was going to get a full nights sleep. Nope.

From the moment Rob and I went to bed at midnight, he’s been up every 45 minutes! I finally gave up at 4:45am and came down stairs. I turned the baby monitor off so I don’t know if he’s been up again. But he if he’s going to do it again, he should be up any minute now.

I debated trying to sleep on my bed here in the living room but it’s not worth it. I’d only get a few hours sleep, more like a nap, which would just make things worse for me during the day. So I’m sitting here. Writing blogs. Watching “The Steve Wilkos Show” that I have recorded. It’s going to be a long day…

73 down ~ 62 to go

***Side note: Is anyone else having an issue with Blogger saving drafts as completely seperate posts in draft mode? I just went through my lists of posts because this post errored out when I tried to post it and I had probably 25 posts that were listed as “drafts” but most of them were nothing more than the title of posts that were finished and posted ages ago. Just thought I’d ask.