Another Day Gone

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I had plans for today. Even considering the fact that I got up at 4:00am. I even made a To-Do List. Here it is:

  1. List new cards on Etsy.
  2. Update pregnancy journals.
  3. Write Elliott’s Story (Before, The Pregnancy, L&D, Home, The Aftermath)
  4. Write Gavin’s Story (The Pregnancy, L&D, Home, The Aftermath)
  5. Write the growing list of emails that needed written.
  6. Ship gift tags that were purchased in Etsy store.
  7. Mail Elliott’s test.
  8. Create database in Excel to track the inventory (both listed and purchased) for the Etsy store.

I managed to complete numbers: 1, parts of 3, 7, a portion of 8. I guess all in all that’s not too bad.

My day has been pretty quiet. My back has been throbbing today. My morning sickness made an unwelcome appearance. So I’ve actually had to take my Phenergan as directed rather than as needed like I typically do. Rob was kind enough to allow me to take a 2 hour nap and a bath. I’ve been having contractions consistently 15 minutes apart for an hour then 20 minutes apart for an hour. Back and forth. Back and forth. All day today.

Elliott Richard appears unfazed by the waking every 45 minutes. I wish I were that resilient. lol

Gavin had a run in with Grandma and Grandpa G’s dog, Rogue, this afternoon. She isn’t sure what happened first but she does know that Gavin kicked the her (the dog). My mom called a little bit ago and I asked Gavin what happened. He said that Rogue jumped up (she’s part Australian Sheppard and loves to jump) and knocked heads with him. He got angry and kicked her. I told him that we don’t kick people, animals or things. We are only allowed to kick in martial arts. He said he understood and had told Rogue he was sorry. I just don’t know what to do with him anymore. I guess I’ll start by calling Dr. R tomorrow and trying to get in earlier. Something has got to give. And right now, that “something” is our sanity…