Another Day…Week…Injection…

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I had injection #11 this morning. Painless during and buring after, I should be used to it by now but it messes with my back. I think it’s from sitting to favor the injection side that throws everything out of whack.

The Stats
BP: 100/70
Tiny’s Heart Rate: 120 bpm (He was still sleeping, lucky dog!)
I’m tired. I’m bored. I’m hungry but nothing sounds good. I keep trying to come up with a good blog to write. I just don’t seem to have one. Sorry. I think I’ll go try and find a snack and then I’ll work on Tiny’s Pregnancy Journals and Calendars.
Oh what an exciting life I lead…

71 days down ~ 64 days to go
10 weeks down ~ 8 weeks to go
11 injections ~ 7 injections left