My thoughts on Tiny, this pregnancy and everything in between

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I’ve been having contractions 15-20 minutes apart for…what a few weeks now? It feels like forever. Too bad I won’t end up with “abs of steel” from all this contracting. (lol) Dr. D didn’t check me on Tuesday because he didn’t want to stir things up. I haven’t had an ultrasound lately. So I don’t know if they are accomplishing anything. I do know that some of them are down right painful! However, I have come to the conclusion that I am not returning to L&D unless one of three things happens:

1) My water obviously breaks or leaks.
2) I start bleeding.
3) Tiny waves at me – in which case I will call 911.

Unless one or more of those three things happens, I’m not going. Period. I refuse. I will not go back only to be told that I’m having irritabilities of varying strength and it’s nothing to worry about. So if Tiny is breaking out, he better make it obvious! Complete with neon signs if he can arrange it. Other wise, I shall soldier on.

We have a first name picked. Gavin actually picked it. We are debating on a middle name…but we may have a winner. I’m waiting for more entries into The Contest to be sure.

My mom, Rob’s mom, my sisters (Kate, Teri and Jenn), and my Auntie Paula are throwing Tiny a Sprinkle on Sunday June 1st. I’m really excited! I told my mom that I didn’t need a full shower but it would be nice to have something to celebrate the fact that Tiny and I have made it this far. It was going to be in a tea party theme but I’m not sure if that’s still the case. (My mom, God bless her, tends to be a little indecisive at times. lol)

It feels so funny knowing that I can use the proper pronouns for Tiny. I’ve spent so long sounding silly and formal. lol He’s definitely developing his own personality already. He loves PopTarts and dark chocolate. If I haven’t felt him move for a while, all I have to do is eat one of those two things and within an hour he’s going crazy! lol He hates the hiccups, especially if they drag on for a while. The sad part is that he has them at least once a day – just like Elliott Richard. He hates it when I lay on my stomach but doesn’t seem to mind when Elliott Richard lays on my stomach and squishes him just as much. lol

I can’t wait to see what he looks like! Elliott Richard had strawberry blonde colored hair when he was born. Although he didn’t have very much and then it all fell out. His eyes also never changed from that first deep blue that all babies are born with. Gavin had very light brown/blonde hair, which also fell out pretty quick. Then as it grew back in it just kept getting darker and darker. His eyes also started changing to brown pretty much from the get-go. At one point, he had the coolest “gun metal” gray colored eyes. I really hoped they would stay that color because it was just so cool and unusual. Now granted, Elliott Richard and Gavin have different genetics except for mine so Tiny is going to look more like Elliott. But still it should be cool to see how the genetics mixed all those months ago.