Appt with Dr. D

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So I had my bi-weekly appointment with Dr. D this morning. The nurse I had has been there forever but I think she usually mans the phones or something because she said she was new. But I know she’s been there forever. I’ve seen her. Anyway, we got there. We waited. She weighed me. I peed. Then we did the “So how are you feeling” song and dance. I told her about my cx (they’ve been 20 mins apart and sometimes 7 mins apart). She made a note. Rob told her about my concerns with the whole “fingertip dilated” thing. She made another note. She checked my BP, my pulse, my fundal height and Tiny’s heartrate. Then she left and I got ready for my bi-weekly fFN test.

Dr. D and Val (the nurse – one of my favorites) came in. I scooted down so he could do the fFN test. Nearly screamed in pain and almost burst into tears when I moved because I jammed my back up again. (Are we having fun yet?) He said he wasn’t going to check to see if I had dilated anymore because he didn’t want to chance stirring things up and causing me to dilate further. So for now we are just assuming that I’m only 1 cm dilated unless we need to find out otherwise.

The Stats
Weight: 177lb (I lost another pound.)
BP: 90/63
Fundal Height: 31 cm
Tiny’s Heartrate: 139bpm
fFN Test: Negative (Yay!)
Bloodwork (at hospital) for Heparin: clotting factors FINALLY where he wants them (Double Yay!)