Bed Rest ~ Day 55 L&D Update

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I tried to write this last night but I was just too exhausted. It wasn’t happening, sorry.

The good news first: We’re home! 🙂 We got home last night at about 11:00pm. I was discharged from L&D at about 10:30pm but we had to go pick Elliott Richard up from Grandma and Grandpa G’s. By the time I was discharged, I was exhausted, sore and had a migraine forming.

Now the run down…

We got there at about 8:00-ish, I think. Apparently there was some freak, “full-moon effect” going on last night because triage in L&D was packed! Lucky me, I ended up in one of the antepartum rooms (which are super nice by the way). I asked the nurse if I was in an actual L&D room and she said those were actually a little bigger than the room I was in, which was pretty big all on it’s own. (I think Rob may have taken pictures but I’m not sure.)

They hooked me up to the monitors. Well, at least the nurse tried to hook us up. The monitor for my contractions was a piece of cake. However, Tiny was not in the mood to be monitored and kept “running” away. Shawn, my nurse, tried for 15-20 minutes before she gave up and asked another nurse to try. The second nurse tried for another 15-20 minutes before she gave up. They finally just opted to leave the monitor on my belly and catch Tiny’s heartrate whenever they could. After they gave up, I shifted to get more comfortable and I was finally able to catch Tiny! (hahaha)

So they monitored me for about 2 and a half hours. Turns out that what I’m having aren’t full blown contractions, however, they are bigger irritablities. (Irritablities are like muscle spasms in my uterus.) Then in between the stronger irritablities I was having a lot of tiny irritablities. They ran a few tests. I think they reran my fFN test, which was negative again. And I think they may have checked to make sure I’m not leaking fluid. I’m not. (Yay!) Then they checked to be sure that I’m not dilating. I didn’t exactly fail but these irritablities are definitely doing something. Up to this point I’ve been “long, thick and closed”, which is exactly what we want at 28 weeks pregnant. As of last night, I’m now a “fingertip dilated”, which is more or less a centimeter dilated. While that’s honestly not much and I could very well stay here for the rest of the pregnancy, it’s scary for me because it means that while I’m not having full-blown contractions what I am having are actually slowly accomplishing something. (sigh)

In the end, they sent me home to continue what I’ve been doing. Take my Procardia. Stay off my feet. Rest as much as possible. And now I’m supposed to take my Darvocet as needed for the really painful contractions and general soreness.

Honestly, what getting to me at this point is the exhaustion and soreness. My whole stomach feels like I spent the past few days doing nothing but stomach crunches. It hurts to touch it. It hurts to leave it alone. It’s just plain sore. And having a muscle (or a few muscles) constantly contracting is just physically exhausting.

L&D Stats:
BP: 100/65
Tiny’s Heartrate: 139 bpm
My Pulse: 100 bpm

55 down ~ 80 to go