28 weeks/3rd Trimester – Yippee!!

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It’s official! We’ve made it to 28 weeks! Tiny’s survival rate has just gone up to 90% if birth were to take place today. Yay!!! I am also now officially in the 3rd Trimester!!! I feel as if we are in the home stretch now.

What Tiny is up to this week: You know how you’ve been feeling a bit like a barn with legs? Well, that feeling won’t subside before… well, you know, when you finally give birth. For the time being, you’ve got yourself a baby in the business of collecting fat and lots of it! In spite of the dubious joys of being a human-barn, this baby fat business is very serious and you’ve got to put up with it because it’s going to keep your little porker warm and healthy after birth. Other good stuff from inside: their eyes are doing lots of blinking this week because they’re now able to respond to light and dark. Also, their industrious little bone marrow is now a major construction site for developing red blood cells, while their super-cute adrenal glands are actually producing androgen and estrogen—which will stimulate your hormones to begin milk production. Can you say, “Moo?”

Tiny has been moving up a storm lately. Especially since I’ve been recovering from pneumonia. I think the change in my voice (it was super deep and wraspy) scared Tiny. When I would talk movements would stop, almost as if Tiny was confused by this new voice. lol I don’t have any belly pictures for 26 or 27 weeks. I was just too sick and out of it. I kept trying to get them done but it was more effort than I had the energy for. I’m sure Tiny will understand someday. 🙂