What the HUH?!

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It's currently 1:18am. My home phone just rang?! Here's the conversation:

Me: (half asleep and physically exhausted from hacking up goo) Hello?
Unknown Male Caller: Huh? Who are you?!
Me: WHO AM I?! You call me at 1:00am and demand to know WHO I AM?!
UMC: Uh….*click*

Someone explain it to me how he calls my home at 1:00am and wants to know who I am?! Furthermore who calls people, outside of an emergency, at 1:00am?! Fine, he obviously didn't expect me to answer the phone. But what happened to common courtesy? What happened to "Hello, is so-and-so there?" If he calls back again, so help me God…

I'm off to try and hold off the coughing and hacking long enough to fall back to sleep again. Honestly…who am I?!…*sigh*