7 down ~ 11 to go

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Another Tuesday, another 17P injection. Fun. Fun.

Lisa just left. Rob made to observation that our visits are getting shorter and shorter. I’m not sure why that is other than I know she has other patients/clients and I don’t want to throw off her whole day. Plus I’m just exhausted today (but that’s another post). I’m happy to report that this weeks injection doesn’t burn like last weeks did. It was actually pretty painless. 🙂

It took us a few minutes to find it because Tiny was not in the mood to play along. She would find the heartbeat, Tiny would run/flip/turnover. lol At one she asked “Where is that baby hiding?” and Elliott Richard was kind enough to point to my belly and say, “Right there!” (lol)

Here are the stats:

BP: 110/70 (Just an FYI: This is actually 20 points high for me. I typically run 90/60. I assume it’s high because I have to have the injection because it’s consistantly this high every Tuesday.)
Tiny’s Heartrate: 135 bpm
My Pulse: 82 bpm

Now we’re getting ready to take Elliott Richard to Gram’s (Grandma G in this case.) so that we can go see Dr. D. I’ll update more later on the Dr. D appointment and my extreme lack of sleep for the past 3-4 nights (which is making me very grumpy). Plus everything else that’s taken place in the past 24 hours or so. 🙂 (I know. I know. You can’t wait! 🙂 lol)