I *heart* surprises!

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So over the weekend I received a pleasant surprise in the mail from my dear friend, Slade. I was so surprised and touched at her kindness. Rob was as well. This is Tiny’s first official baby related baby gift. Rob and I haven’t even had a chance to purchase anything specifically for Tiny. lol Her gift was so generous! She sent a green t-shirt for Gavin, which is his favorite color. He was so siked! She also sent the cutest set of pajamas for Elliott Richard that say “I like to collect bugs!”, which are so fitting for our “Tiny Twitterbug”. She also included two cards. One for me and one for Rob. (Poor Rob is so neglected these days.) He was so touched that she had remembered him, too. 🙂 It was so cute when Elliott Richard became confused over the diapers. He couldn’t figure out how we had diapers that weren’t for him. lol And the penguin tubby-toy was intended for Tiny (Slade wrote “Tiny” on the package to clear up any confusion. lol), however, Elliott Richard felt it was his duty as the big brother to test it out. He approves. 🙂 lol

Slade, thank you so very much! You truly are so a kind, generous and wonderful soul. I am lucky to have found you as a friend. *hugs*

(On a side and kind of funny note, I just ate one of the delicious Dove Dark Chocolates she sent me. For those of you who don’t know, on the inside of each foil wrapper is a saying. The saying on my last chocolate said, “You’re allowed to do nothing.” lol If only they knew.)