I had this all planned out…

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But you know what they say about the best laid plans…I don’t remember what they say. But they say something. lol

Anyway, I had this all planned out. I took new pictures of my bed rest haven. I took pictures of my book/DVD shelf. I was going to take a page from Julie’s book and label all the parts of the pictures. Show you exactly where everything is. I was even going to use pretty colors and text and arrows like Julie did. But I can’t. I don’t have a single program on this stupid laptop that will allow me to add text!!! Except for Paint and it’s just a pain in the butt. So without my pretty text and arrows…here’s my bed rest haven!

To the left, we have my book/DVD case. Top row: my DVDs. (We used to have a ton of DVD’s until “The Great DVD Purge of 2006”. Don’t ask. lol) 2nd row: small paperback books that have been sent to me in various care packages. 3rd row: My beloved (well-worn) Harry Potter books (books 4 and 6 are upstairs – I’m not sure why) as well as the tall paperback books that have been sent to me. 4th row: on the left you can just see the edges of my magazines and puzzle books (also sent to me by my loving friends), on the right the few CD’s I still actually own.

In the window you’ll see my elephants. 🙂

My blankets on the bed. Along with Elliott Richard who is very much alive, just pouting because I wouldn’t give him his way. 🙂 lol Along with my lapdesk, laptop, pregnancy pillow and beanbag chair for added support.

To the right, we have my Sterilite box on the floor (filled with snacks – both healthy and not). On top of the box, we have my black bag, which holds all of my pregnancy journals and calendars and pens.

On the table, you’ll see my sippy and Elliott Richard’s sippy. Plus some other random things.

Those are my new and improved digs. 🙂