Dear Cowardly Anonymous Female

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Dear Cowardly Anonymous Female Commentator,

You’ve been a busy girl. First, you had your hit and run on Chrissy’s blog. Then you swung by mine to cast your negativity around. Granted, I asked for an opinion. You gave your opinion. However, you just couldn’t resist leaving your scathing, “I, too, was on bed rest and my unborn baby was motivation enough.” Well, this is for you. Because I can. Because Chrissy won’t. Because this is my blog and I will not be silenced by the likes of you! (or anyone with similar motives to your own)

I’m sorry that it is so easy for you to do the Devil’s work. I’m sorry that you seem to get a thrill out of posting mean and horrible things to people you don’t know. Obviously the lesson of “if you don’t have anything nice to say” was lost on you. I’m sorry that you are unable to be grammatically correct in your comments. What seemed so vitally important for you to share has now come across as rude, crude and unrefined. Not to mention uneducated. Not to say that you are uneducated, you just appear this way because of your total disregard for grammar and correct spelling.

I’m especially sorry that you leave your comments anonymously. I would so love to know you. To see your profile. Read your blog. I pray that you are only the serial negative comment leaver on you bad days. God-willing those bad days are few and far between. The world is ugly enough, it does not need your help. I pray that your heart finds peace. I pray that at the very least, you find the courage to at least leave your name on your negative comments from now on. Afterall, you are proud enough of the comment to leave it. Surely, you must be proud enough to sign your name and take credit as well.