Bed Rest ~ Day 34 Ahhhhh the Insanity!!!!

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I still have many more pictures to post. However, I wanted to give a brief update on things here.

Let’s see…I didn’t get any sleep again last night. I lost track of how many times Elliott Richard woke up. Mainly because he had kicked his blankets off – again.

My back is still killing me. Problem is that the position I found to lay in that doesn’t hurt my back, gives me a headache and neckache. My sciatic nerve is all out of whack and causing me some major issues.

Rob had a guy out to check out “The Leak” last night and give us an estimate. Would you care to guess? Go on. Guess. How about $3800?! *ack* We are going to get some other estimates but I honestly don’t know that they will be all that different. *sigh*

We had Dish Network out to set up our satelite yesterday. I find myself confused. With Time Warner Cable, we had Noggin 24 hr/day. However, with Dish Network, Noggin stops at 6:00pm so that they can run the tween/teenie-booper “soap operas”. Why if it’s the same channel is it different from one service to the next? And why in God’s name do tweens/teenie-boopers need soap operas?! Have you ever tried to watch them? If not, I don’t recommend it. Unless you like to lose brain cells purely by being annoyed into stupidity.

I’m thinking of starting an Etsy store for my cards. Rob always says I should write a book and sell my greeting cards. Well, the book is out of the question seeing as how I don’t have any inspiration for a book at the moment. (Although this would definitely be the time to write it.) So I figured I would look into selling some of my greeting cards. I think they are pretty simple but everyone else seems to like them okay. I guess we’ll just have to see. (Maybe I’ll post some pics of the cards I have – like the graduation announcment/invite that I made my brother-in-law Tim. Then you guys can decide if I should persue the store or just continue making them for fun and friends/family.)

Other than that, my day is going to be filled with folding laundry and working on Rob’s business website. Hopefully making some cards, assuming I can get Elliott to play along. lol

Ah the exciting life of the mother of two, pregnant with one stuck on bed rest. I’m sure y’all are on biting your nails with anticipation! lol

34 down ~ 101 to go