Momma said there’d be days like this…

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Today has been…odd. Not good. Not bad. Just odd.

We had a visitor this afternoon. Her name is Annie and she’s a part of the Help Me Grow program. Basically her focus would be Elliott Richard. She would come and hang out with him for a little bit, stuff like that. I know this probably doesn’t make any sense but I think this is a good thing. Right now with everything that’s going on with Gavin and what with me on bed rest, Elliott sometimes gets lost in the shuffle. I want him to have a little time set aside for him and no one else. He gets that with us but I just want something just for him. Annie is super nice and down to Earth. She’s the visitor I referred to in my last post. She’s the one who reminded me of why I started this blog.

Then Dad G and a friend of his who used to be a plumber stopped by to survey the damage and whatnot with “The Leak”. It wasn’t good. He said we should get it fixed ASAP if not sooner. Crap.

They left and I called Dr. D’s office because I had my maintenance blood work done to check my clotting factors while on 5,000 units BID of Heparin. Apparently my numbers aren’t where Dr. D would like would like them to be. *le sigh* So starting with my a.m. injection tomorrow I am now on 7,500 units BID. No more injections than before. Just more fluid to be pushed. (Ow.)

Rob called our insurance agent and asked if there was any way the home owner’s would pay for the repairs. She called back and I spoke with her (Rob was trying again to get our switch to AT&T ironed out.) and asked a bunch of questions. In the end, we decided to file a claim and allow the claims adjuster to come out and check out the situation. There is a chance that insurance may pay for it all because it isn’t coming from your typical leak under the sink that leaves some sort evidence as a red flag. So here’s hoping that they will cover it and we can begin getting this taken care of!

To top off the day, Elliott Richard was not having bed time tonight. I don’t know what it was but he fought me tooth and nail! I tried for an hour (from 8 to 9) and then gave up. We watched Noggin until 10 and then I tried again. He finally gave up at like 10:30. Insanity I tell you!

Other than that, it’s life as usual. Whatever usual is anymore. Time for my shot. (Fun. Fun.)