Bed Rest ~ Day 28

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I guess I jinxed myself with that post yesterday.

Since yesterday morning I’ve been having 3 contractions an hour consistantly. Meaning I don’t have more than 3 an hour but I have 3/hour every hour. Some of them even woke me up last night.

So then today I was talking to one of Dr. D’s nurses about my Heparin (we had a heck of a time finding it for my refill) and I asked her about them. More out of curiosity than concern because I figured I wasn’t having 4-6/hour so I was okay. Well, she talked to Kelli, the nurse practioner, and they wanted me to come in. 

My mom met us at Dr. D’s office and picked up Elliott Richard. I went in and they weighed me (we won’t go there! lol) and all that good fun stuff. Then came time for the NST (non-stress test). I had 2 contractions about 15-20 minutes apart. But 
before the contractions were even registered Kelli talked to Dr. D and he said for me 
to go straight to L&D.

Of course, once in L&D I was still having contractions only they weren’t showing up on the monitor the way they were at Dr. D’s office. *sigh* They monitored us for a while and ran some tests. The big test being my fFN, which was negative. (Yay!) So that means we should have another 2 weeks before going into preterm labor.

I have a regular appointment with Dr. D in the morning and my medications are all kicking in so I’m going to get to bed now.

Thank you so much for the prayers and positive thoughts!

If you are interested, here are the stats from the day:

Dr. D’s Office
Weight: 178 lb (that’s what 1 – 8 inch Junior’s cheesecake does! lol)
Tiny’s Heartrate: 133 bpm via NST

Weight: 175 lb (I love the variations between scales. lol)
Tiny’s Heartrate: 143 bpm
BP: 100/61

28 down ~ 107 to go