Tiny’s 20 week ultrasound pictures!

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Tiny’s big 20 week debut!

Technically this ultrasound was performed at 19 weeks 6 days. But we’ll just round it up to 20 weeks. ๐Ÿ™‚

In this picture, Tiny is doing some thumb sucking. Trying to get comfortable while Barb was pushing on my belly with the ultrasound wand. Tiny hates that. lol

On the right of the screen there’s the faint outline of a long oval – that’s Tiny’s leg. The long thin gray oval like shape at the top is Tiny’s arm. The hand is the bend oval on the left end of the longer oval. There’s a white line towards the bottom, that’s Tiny’s spine. The black circle above the spine is a kidney or maybe the bladder. It’s black because it full of amniotic fluid Tiny has swallowed. If you look you can see where Tiny’s profile would be on the big gray circle on the left end. And on top of his profile is a finger. Thumb sucking is hard to do in the dark. ๐Ÿ˜‰

This one is Tiny stretching. I’m not sure if the stretch was just a stretch. Or more of a “get a life and go bug someone else” kind of stretch. lol Probably more of a “get a life” kind of stretch.

That bumpy looking dotted line is Tiny’s spine. The little black dots above that are various organs. The little circle on top of the oddly shaped circle on the left of the picture is Tiny’s hand. Can you see the thin black line just above where Barb typed “head”? That is the back of Tiny’s throat. The black oval to the left of the word “head” is where Tiny’s brain is. (Yes, it’s there. We’ve seen it. We just don’t happen to have any pictures of it.)

And now, after some stretching and kicking to try and get the “evil Barb” to leave me alone, Tiny has given up. Back to the thumb sucking and a nap. In this picture you can see Tiny’s profile. See the top lip just above Tiny’s thumb? You can even see a few of Tiny’s fingers because the hand is open rather than a fist above the face. Then the line going off the hand to the right is Tiny’s arm and elbow.

And just so you know, the gray that is above and below Tiny is my uterus (below) and the placenta (above). And the black surounding Tiny is the amniotic fluid.