The New and Improved Bed Rest Haven

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Recently Rob made the decision to bring the bottom bunk of Gavin’s bunk beds downstairs for me to lay on. The couch was comfortable but not nearly supportive enough. This is my new bed rest haven. I’ve got my bed, maternity pillow, the red bean bag chair helps to support me when I’m sitting up rather than lying down. I have the TV tray table between the bed and couch to hold my laptop and sippy. The Tupperware box on the floor holds all of my snacks and whatnot. It’s actually a pretty nice little setup. I haven’t been able to sleep on it yet because it just feels odd. It definitely allows me more room, which comes in handy when Elliott Richard is wanting to cuddle or snuggle. Not to mention Cleo, my cat, feeling the need to be on top of me again now that she has room.
This is my new view from the front window. It’s nice because I can see who is here when they knock, rather than having to get up and/or move around to check. Of course, I can’t see the squirrels anymore, which kind of stinks. But I guess I can’t have everything. On the bright side though, I can now see out the side window as well. Before it was blocked by the television but we had to move the television into the corner to make room for the bed. Unfortunately, the view from the side window really isn’t anything to write home about. I can see the neighborhood “kids” walking up and down our alley. I can also see the side of my neighbor’s barn if I sit up. But all in all, it really isn’t much of a view. See? There’s the big, red barn. The TV tower in the front of the picture has been here forever. It’s rusted through in parts but it’s so tall that it won’t be easy to bring down. When it’s windy, we can hear it banging up against the side of the house. That sound used to scare me when we first moved in. Now I don’t really notice it unless I’m trying to get Elliott Richard to sleep. Even he sleeps through it now.