Random Television Based Ponderings

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Okay, so let’s be honesty and face it…when on bed rest there is very little to do besides watch television, play my DS, and keep up with pregnancy journals etc. Honestly, I record gobs of television’s show. Some I watch. Some I play as background noise and a change of pace from Noggin. But the fact of the matter is, there are times when I just sit on my bed and wonder “What the heck?!” For example…

Big People Shows

The Flavor of Love 3 ~ I watched 1 and 2. I picked the “winner” both seasons. Obviously they didn’t work out if there is a need for season 3. I really didn’t get into it this season but I’ve started watching it purely for the “say what” factor. What are these women thinking?! Do they honestly and legitimately want to be with this man forever? Do they understand where he’s “been”?! (Ew to the nth power!) I just can’t understand why these woman subject themselves to this. I mean there are twins willing to share him! (Again, I say – ew to the nth power!)

The “say what” factor is the level of confusion felt during any episode (with shows like Flavor of Love it typically happens in most, if not all episodes) where you are left sitting there saying “say what” or some variation thereof.

Paradise Hotel/Island Whatever ~ Why?! Again, much like with Flavor of Love, why do this? What part of this show is a good idea? Who wakes up as a couple and says, “I know what our struggling relationship needs…infidelity!” Honestly, there are better ways to try and save your relationship and prove your love than to test your temptation on an island, in a hotel, on a boat (who cares where they are) and pray that you don’t sleep with someone or your significant other doesn’t cheat first.

Moment of Truth ~ Now I admit, I watch this show from time to time. But even for my strong stomach for most this television, it’s a bit much. Why do people do this to themselves? Is money really that important?! I’ve lost count of how many marriages, families, friendships, careers have been ruined in the name of the “all mighty dollar”. Why?!

CSI (and all similar shows) ~ First, I love most of these shows. Second, I understand they are supposed to be professional. I also understand that the average viewer has no real world knowledge of the criminal investigation field. However, does it strike anyone else as odd that they need to explain the obvious to their co-workers? Or what about the fact that lab work is rarely ever done without the beeps, bops and boops accompanied with flashing lights and screen changes? Yes, they make for “more entertaining television” but do they annoy anyone else besides me?

Children’s Shows on Noggin

Max and Ruby ~ First, I say – where are the parents?! The only two adults you ever see in the show are sporadic appearances by the Grandma and the Bunny Scouts leader. Sometimes the candy show owner pops in as well. But 95% of the time it is Ruby, who is maybe 8-9 years old, serving as primary care giver for her little brother, who is maybe 3-4 years old. She bathes him. Dresses him. Feeds him. Takes him shopping for clothes. I think I’ve seen a family portrait on the wall, once. But seriously, I get that it’s a kids’ show but where’s the parental supervision?!

Franklin ~ I’m confused. If we as humans, eat the flesh of another human that makes us cannibals. Rightfully so. So if a turtle eats other small woodland animals (that turtles wouldn’t eat in real life) does that make him a variation of a cannibal? What about pets? It just seems wrong to me that a turtle has a gold fish as a pet. And his friend Beaver has a hamster as her pet. Oh and speaking of Beaver, why are Franklin and his family (parents and sister) the only ones with actual names. Every one’s name is simply a variation of their species. ie Bear, Beaver, Fox, Goose etc. Don’t they deserve names as well? And if Franklin is a turtle (which he is) and he wears his shell (which he does) why does he need clothing?

These are just some random things I’ve been pondering about in regards to telelvision shows. 🙂