My 3 Things

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I got this off of Shannon’s blog. And much like her, I’m posting a disclaimer first. 🙂

These are things that I would change only if I knew that they would not greatly effect the course of my life after that point. If it is an all or nothing change, meaning I make the changes and my life is completely different, than I pass and I’ll leave things as they are. If, however, I can change these things and simply have them erased…then where do I sign. Without further ado, here are…

My 3 Things

1) My first “marriage” ~ I would simply follow my instincts, rather than ignore them, and not say “I do”. Had I done this then, there’s a very real chance I would not be $25-50,000 in debt for legal fees incurred during my divorce and custody battle.

2) I would take the job offer made to me in November 1999. I was working at Blockbuster Video. My assistant manager offered me a position as an Assistant Manager in her new store in Alliance. She also offered to allow me to stay rent free with her and her husband (as long as I was working and in school) so that I could attend Mount Union College (one of my top 3 college choices out of high school that I couldn’t afford tuition and room & board for) without commuting or having to try and pay room & board. There’s no telling how different my life would be had I taken this offer.

3) I would have taken more time to enjoy the little things in life. I also would have taken more time to journal my experiences in life. I’m told that I’m somewhat of a “statistical anomaly” and I think it would come in handy for my kids to know about that part of my life when they are old enough. I also would have taken more time to journal during Gavin’s pregnancy and infancy. Things were so crazy and chaotic that I didn’t do these things as much as I would have liked. Now I wish I had.