I *heart* surprises! Part 2

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I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, I *heart* surprises! The other day I was sitting on my couch. Minding my own business. Just another day of bed rest, until the mailman came. 🙂 He had a surprise for me. (I think Rob is getting jealous.) It was a box of goodies from my due date buddy Beth! I had no idea she had done this. She’s so sweet.

Inside I found: 2 coloring books (1 pirates, 1 dinosaurs), 2 packs of 8 count crayons, 5-6 Jolly Rancher suckers, a box of Dove Dark Chocolates (Yum!), Chicken Soup for the Women’s Soul, Nadia’s Song, a romance novel and a card.

The card is already tucked away for Tiny’s hat box. As you can see in the picture, Elliott Richard is trying to make off with my dark chocolates. lol (Chocolate is mine, Elliott Richard and Tiny’s favorite!) And although I’m not sure Beth realized it at the time, the coloring books were the perfect choices because Gavin is huge into pirates and Elliott Richard is huge into dinosaurs! They were thrilled! 🙂 Although Elliott has already managed to scatter the crayons throughout the house. He stashes them away and then retrieves them when he wants them. lol
This is Elliott Richard with a sucker from the care package and one of the packs of crayons, before they disappeared. 🙂 lol