Bed Rest ~ Day 22 Ouch!

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Alrighty, I don’t have the ultrasound pictures yet because Rob needs to scan them for me first. He’s promised to do that tonight. So sometime between now (3:31pm EST) and when I go to bed (midnight-ish) you’ll be able to see them. Believe me, they are worth the wait! 🙂

Here are the stats:

Weight: 176 lb.
BP: 90/60
Tiny’s Heartrate: 142 bpm
Tiny’s Weight: 1 lb 7 oz (Yay!)
Fundal Height: 24 cm

Our first appointment was at 11:00am for the ultrasound. I thought it was going to be a quick in and out just to check my cervix. Nope! 🙂 She did check that but she also did a full biophysical profile (took all the measurements and whatnot). My cervix is actually longer (4.2 cm now, 4 cm two weeks ago) today that it was at the last ultrasound, which means the bed rest is working and the contractions are not! 🙂 We have three new pictures of Tiny to show off. And boy are they cute! (Not that I’m biased or anything.) Tiny is measuring in the 55% for the gestational age. And some measurements were even coming up 2 weeks ahead of schedule. Barb said Tiny is 1 lb. and 7 oz which is a good weight for this point in the pregnancy. (Remember: big baby = fewer issues if the NICU is needed.) She read in my chart that we were worried last week about the posibility of leaking fluid so she took a few minutes to check that too. I have plenty! (Yay!)

After the ultrasound we saw Dr. D. Rob asked him about the home contraction monitoring that Lisa keeps mentioning. Dr. D said that in his experience it isn’t very accurate at 24 weeks, it can still be pretty touch and go. He said if I make it another 2-4 weeks we’ll consider it then. (sigh) He said so far things are looking really good because the contractions aren’t causing any cervical changes. He’s still concerned about how long this will hold out for so he ordered the Celestone (steroid) injections to help with Tiny’s lung growth. Let me tell you (in case you don’t know from experience) those suckers HURT!!!!!! Granted, I don’t like shots but ask Rob it actually takes a lot from a shot to make me cry. This one, made me cry. Rob rewarded me with a double cheeseburger, small fry and large sweet tea from McDonald’s afterwards though. 🙂 The “best part” is that I get to go back to Dr. D’s office tomorrow for the second dose. Which means 4 shots today (1 – 17P, 2 – Heparin and 1 – Celestone) and 3 tomorrow (2 – Heparin and 1 – Celestone). Other than that, we go back next week for another checkup and repeat fFN test. Then we will go every two weeks for a while before the weekly appointments and biophysical profiles start.

So far, so good. Tiny is moving up a storm. Barb was able to get some really good pictures of the heart that she couldn’t get two weeks ago because of Tiny’s position. Dr. D is encouraged by my lack of change so far. And other than a migraine and two sore hips, I’m actually feeling pretty good. I just took my migraine meds so hopefully they will kick in soon and I’ll just have two sore hips to contend with. 😉 lol

22 down ~ 113 to go
3 weeks down ~ 12 weeks to go