Bed Rest ~ Day 20 Recap of Day 19

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Okay so I promised updates last night but those just didn’t happen. Sorry about that.

Everything is okay. About as good as can be expected at this point. I didn’t sleep very well last night – combination of crazy dreams (that I can hardly remember and don’t have a clue as to how I should describe them) and Elliott Richard not sleeping well because he kept kicking his blankets off. Now we’re just snuggling and watching “The Upside Down Show”. (I hate this show.)

Last night went pretty well. We still don’t know what’s going on but I was treated LOADS better this time around. The longest wait we had (besides lab work being processed) was for Transport to come and pick me up. The Transport chick was a little…odd. I think she was trying to lighten the mood and make me feel more comfortable with stories of women who had waited in the ER waiting area so long they were “clamping their legs together to keep the baby in”. Not something a pregnant mother in preterm labor, with a history of preterm labor, really wants to hear but oh well. lol

The nurse whose tag line last week was “We’ll be with you in a few minutes” was working again last night. She didn’t help us. She actually didn’t even look at us beyond the initial glance. I was registered and weighed. Once in my room, I had no sooner gotten in the gown and situated in bed before my nurse came in and introduced her self. She finished the whole registration process and hooked me up to the monitors and left. Only to return within five minutes with the doctor! *shock* Both my nurse and my resident were really, really nice. He checked me (still high and firm) and ordered some tests (blood work and all that good fun stuff). Rob and I hung out (hence the crappy picture of me in the previous post) for a while. The nurse brought me some ginger ale to drink (yum) and even said Rob could get me food (double yum)! 🙂 So he went and got me one of the hamburgers the hospital makes. (I don’t know why but I love these hamburgers!) Not long after my delicious hamburger the doctor came in and said he felt it was just “normal pregnancy stretching” and that most of my tests were normal. One of the tests was being held up in the lab and they didn’t want to make me wait because it could take quite a while for it to come back. They took Rob’s cell phone number and were going to call with the results no matter what they were. But Rob told the nurse we could go the “no news is good news” route, meaning she would only call if there was something wrong. (We haven’t heard anything so all must be right with the world.)

I don’t agree with that because by now I know what “normal pregnancy stretching” feels like. These cramps were directly tied to the backache. I only had the backache with the cramps…never one without the other. Granted they weren’t timable or anything but they were regular and painful. All that matters though is that the cramps and backache weren’t accomplishing anything in terms of dilation and whatnot. So I’ll just stay down (surprise surprise) and talk to Dr. D about it at my appointment this week.

Once we were home, Rob set up my new Bed Rest Haven. And then Dad G brought Elliott Richard home with FOOD! (Yum) Once the living room was all rearranged, Elliott Richard was in bed and our tummies were full…I was too pooped to post. lol

I’ve got pictures to post but I need to upload them first. So they’re coming…just give me a few. 🙂

20 down ~ 115 to go