We’ll be with you in a few minutes…Part Deux

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Okay, so I posted yesterday about my disasterous trip to L&D on Monday. Well, Rob and I thought long and hard and finally decided to call a family friend who works for the hospital I was at on Monday. He is upper Administration and he was unhappy but he isn’t involved in the medical aspect so he referred me to the Clinical VP of the Maternity Unit. She called us literally 5 minutes after I got off the phone with the upper Admin.

Rob spoke with her for nearly a half an hour. Just telling her everything that had happened on Monday. She was appauled! She just kept apologizing and saying “that never should have happened”. In the end she urged us to call Dr. D first thing this morning because she wasn’t comfortable with the treatment I received. She said that she would take care of the nurses but “The Man-Handler” is someone else problem. She promised to call that person and have “The Man-Handler” dealt with.

Now I’m not looking to get anyone in trouble. However, “The Man-Handler” has no business treating OB patients. Especially not high risk OB patients in preterm labor. I firmly believe that her man-handling is a big part of the reason that my preterm labor has gotten so much worse over the past few days. The fact that she blantantly didn’t agree with either my preterm labor diagnosis or the treatment prescribed by Dr. D just goes to show me how little experience she has as an OB. I just pray that it’s a rotation and not her career path of choice.

So I posted earlier that I was waiting for a nurse to call me back from Dr. D’s office. She called me back and we spoke for a while. Basically Rob and I covered the whole drama from Monday. The nurse was horrified. She took the information down and called Dr. D and spoke with Kelli, the NP (nurse practioner) and called me back. Dr. D wanted me seen today so an appointment was made with Kelli for 1:30pm.

Here are the stats:

Weight: 172 lb.
Tiny’s HB: 137 bpm

We got there at 1:30pm. Saw the nurse at 1:45pm. Talked to her and she took me over to another room for a NST (non-stress test), which a test that monitors for contractions, fetal heartrate and fetal movement. It basically is to see how Tiny handles the contractions. We couldn’t get Tiny to play along with the heartrate monitor so we just went with the contraction monitor without the other two.

The test began at 1:55pm. I had a contraction #1 at 2:05pm, which I felt but it wasn’t nearly as bad as some of them. Nurse comes in, “Oh…look at that. Let’s see what happens next.” (Like I’m some sort of science experiment! lol) Then at 2:14pm I had contraction #2, again not nearly as bad as some of them. Nurse comes in sees #2 and dahses out for NP. NP and nurse return and rip strip and dash back out together. They left to call Dr. D. A new nurse comes in and takes me to an exam room saying, “We need to run some tests.” (Grrreeeeat.)

They performed an fFN test and the litmus test to see if I am leaking fluid. I’m thrilled to report that BOTH tests came back NEGATIVE! (Yay!) That means I am NOT leaking fluid and that I will most likely NOT go into full-fledged labor in the next 14 days. (Woo whoo!) Then they left to call Dr. D because they wanted to discuss admitting me to the hospital. (Fantastic.) He was still at the hospital performing c-sections. This was at about 2:30pm. At 3:00pm Dr. D called but had to hang up quickly because he was needed in an emergency c-section. Finally at 4:00pm he called back said that since my fFN was negative I could come home but I had to “stay down”.

So now I’m home. I still have an ultrasound scheduled for next week and appointment immediately after the ultrasound. I’m still having gobs of contractions and they made me promise I would call if things got worse or anything changed.

I feel bad about calling our family friend in Admin at the hospital but then again, I don’t. If we hadn’t called, we would have taken Monday at face value and not called Dr. D. And who knows what would have changed between now and next week if I’m already contracting every 10 minutes! God’s timing is certainly perfect. The even crazier thing is that I don’t make phone calls like that. Ask Rob. I don’t complain to higher-ups. I don’t “get people in trouble”. I am one of those people who swallows the ill treatment and learns from it for next time. So the fact that I made that phone call in the first place…is perfect timing.