We’ll be with you in a few minutes…

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4 hours later…

Seriously, here’s the timeline of the evening. I’ll fill in the details in the end.

4-5pm ~ I started to feel as if I was leaking amniotic fluid.
5:30pm ~ I called Dr. D’s answering service.
5:45pm ~ I spoke with the on-call nurse. She told me to go immediately to the ER/L&D. Rob’s dad picked up the boys.
6:15pm ~ We left for the hospital.
6:30pm ~ Arrived at the hospital. RAN up to L&D with ER nurse. (I’m not kidding.)
7:00pm ~ Finally got placed in a triage room!
8:00pm ~ First nurse came into the room to finally took my vitals and hooked me up to the monitors.
9:00pm ~ The man-handler (aka Dr.) came in, asked a few questions, did an exam and left.
10:30pm ~ Nurse came in to discharge me.

If you’re observant, you noticed the HUGE time gaps. You also noticed that I saw a human being all of like 3 times in 4 hours. The ER seemed to take things far more seriously than L&D. When I say that the nurse ran us up stairs (I was in a wheelchair.), I’m not kidding. We ran up. The nurse in L&D checked me in and then left me to sit in my wheelchair in the “Family Waiting Area” for a half hour. Every 10 mins or so she would say “We’ll be with you in a few minutes.” (Hence the title of the blog.) After a half an hour, she finally took us back to a triage room. Where we sat for a full hour before Rob got up and went looking for someone. In that hour, no one came in and checked on me. No one took my vitals. No one checked on Tiny. Keep in mind that we thought I was loosing fluid. We were a little peeved.

Rob went and found a nurse. She came in and took my vitals and hooked me up to the monitor. I was having irritabilities every 2-3 mins. They didn’t do anything about them. They questioned every medication Dr. D has me on. The resident wanted to know why I was on Procardia. When I explained she gave me a “look”. The exam, I won’t go there. Let’s just say that resident’s true calling was not as a doctor. Dominatrix, masochist, torture chamber artist would have been a good fit. Basically anything that doesn’t require bedside manner etc. would have been a perfect fit.

An hour later we saw the nurse again for a few minutes and then she was gone again. We kept telling her I was due for my Heparin and Procardia. She said I could take my Procardia but when I asked for a glass of water I was told, “I’ll be back in a few minutes.” Are you noticing a pattern here? She came back almost an hour later, without the water. But she did go and get it. They never did give me my Heparin.

When they finally discharged me, my own nurse was too busy. She sent a nurse who nothing about my “case” and therefore couldn’t answer any questions. However, she wanted me to take a wheelchair out because I’m supposed to be on bed rest. She got me in the wheelchair and then left me there in the hallway. My nurse wandered over and was telling me in the hallway (bye-bye patient confidentiality) about how they didn’t find any evidence that I’m leaking fluid. Usually they say it’s an infection but I don’t have one of those either. So they finally decided that Tiny was putting pressure on my bladder and causing me to pee myself. (Because obviously I can’t tell the difference!)

I know that’s not what it was. I’m not saying I was definitely leaking fluid but I am saying that something was going on. And that something wasn’t me peeing myself! Argh!

So that was my night in L&D. I felt ignored. And at times I wondered if it didn’t have something to do with the fact that I hadn’t reached the age of viability yet. Rob doesn’t want me to deliver at that hospital now. I probably will though because they are a better facility. But last night definitely didn’t instill any confidence in me, that’s for sure.