Bed Rest ~ Day 14 TWO WEEKS DOWN!!!

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More crazy pregnancy dreams last night. I hate when I can’t even tell where they are coming from. Like my dreams I posted about…when was that? Yesterday or the day before…something like that. Those dreams probably stem from the nagging fear that I have that I’m over analyzing everything little thing because I’m terrified I’ll miss the big stuff. The memorial service dream…well, I’ve had similar dreams for the past 6 years. Logically, I know that my Granny died 6 years ago. Emotionally, I keep maintaining the tinest shred of hope that it was all a horrible nightmare. But last night’s dreams…I’ll be darned if I can figure out where they came from.

My first dream was something to do with my best friend from high school. Rob and I were at her house only she was living with her dad. I was just odd. I can’t remember much of it. Then we left her house and Rob disappeared. I was me only I looked like someone else and I was trying to sneak into some top secret business. I was getting away with it for a while and then they caught me. But I got away. (I’m just that good! lol) So I ran from the top secret business and end up at McDonald’s with a job a bartender! lol I was actually pretty good too.

That’s all I remember. They were so odd. I wish I could remember all the details but I can’t. I think the McDonald’s part was my favorite. lol

Now before I go about my morning routine of eating breakfast and working on cross stich projects, I feel I must introduce you to another new blogger friend. 🙂

Julie ~ Julie is married to Bob and currently pregnant with their first child. She and I actually share a due date, which is always fun. Julie is also currently on bed rest (again, which is always fun). Julie is…I just feel a connection with her. Therefore it is my duty to introduce you to Julie and her blog! 🙂

Go! Read! Comment! Pray! 🙂

14 down ~ 121 to go
2 weeks down ~ 13 to go