Happy Easter!

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T-minus 1 hour until my repreive begins! Woo whoo!

Today has been…interesting. The boys woke up at about 7:30am. The “Easter Bunny” had hidden the baskets and 3 eggs each for the boys, all in plain site. Green up high for Gavin. Blue down low for Elliott, to avoid any confusion. They found their eggs and then their baskets. It sometimes amazes me just how different my boys are.

Gavin struggled to find his eggs. Elliott zipped from one to the next. Once he found his basket, Gavin shrugged it off. The thrill of the hunt was over and he walked off to play with his toys. Elliott found his basket and sat down to inspect the contents. He looked at the stuff on top and chose his first piece, then his next piece. He would have gone for more but we removed the temptation. It’s times like this that it is glaringly obvious to me, just how different my boys really are.

Tiny has been pretty quiet today, which is unnerving for mommy. I drank cold water. Ate some dark chocolate, Tiny’s favorite. Nada. Finally, I went for broke…I laid on my belly. Tiny hates that. lol But it got a bunch of bomp, bomp, bomps…so whatever it takes. Ever since then, I’ve been getting kicked and bomped all over the place. I think Tiny is staging a protest to prevent me from laying on my belly again. Again I say, whatever it takes.