Blogger hates me!

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I had a blog all typed out. I just needed to add to it a little bit but Elliott Richard desperately needed to go to bed, so I saved it and then accidentally closed IE. Now, it’s gone. *Poof!* How infuriating!

Oh well, that post will have to wait now. Because it took much effort to get it done the first time and I don’t have the energy to do it again. Pfth! So we will move on to my next post idea…

So these are some random memories I’ve had going through my head the past few days…

~Back in 1997, I had my first (and last) AOL account and my very own desktop (thanks to my boyfriend at the time). One night I was cruising the AOL chat rooms and I don’t remember what room I was in but I started talking to this girl. It was a very deep, very existential conversation about…toothpicks. Yup, that’s right, I said toothpicks. I can’t remember the conversation only that it was about toothpicks and I felt very mature to have had such a deep, existential conversation about them. lol

~One summer when I was maybe 6 or 7, I was spending the day at my Auntie Paula’s hanging out with my cousins. Well, Maddy was out riding her bike and something happened that caused her to flip over her handlebars. She skinned her knees and was pretty upset. I remember walking her back to the house and struggling to handle both Maddy and the bike. (It didn’t occur to me to leave the silly bike and come back for it later.)

~I used to ride to Kidron with my Granny (Grandma Miller) to go to the flea markets there. We would always stop at McDonald’s on our way out of town. She would get her coffee and I would get mine (hot chocolate).

I’m not sure why these memories have been running through my head. But they have. Hopefully now that I’ve shared them with you, they’ll leave me alone. lol