4 down 14 to go

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Well my temp-nurse Candace (Candy) just left a few minutes ago. She was very nice. Totally different from Lisa. I miss Lisa. 🙁 This will probably sound funny but I prefer the way Lisa gives them. Lisa pushes the solution (progesterone in an oil suspension so it’s super thick!) much slower than Candy did. It felt as if the whole solution was going to pool in a bubble in my butt! It didn’t but that’s how quickly she pushed it. Never mind the fact that she was just inches off to the right of my spine! Only one more week to go without Lisa.

Here are the stats from my visit with Candy:

BP: 96/60
Temp: 97.7 degrees
Tiny’s HB: 147 bpm

I’m killing time until my mom comes to pick me up at 9:30-9:40 am to take me to see Dr. D. I’ll post again after I get home from that appointment. I hoping and praying that I haven’t begun to dilate. I’m terrified right now that all this pressure and whatnot is actually accomplishing something. I really don’t want that to happen.

Prayers would be grately appreciated!