Bed Rest ~ Day 6

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Well, another day down. Today was more of the same.

Woke up. Hung out on the couch. Had cereal with Elliott Richard. (I miss being able to eat my food without sharing. lol If you think about it, when I eat I’m eating for 3! Me, Elliott Richard and Tiny!) Hung out on the couch some more. Ate lunch. Snuggled with Elliott Richard. Watched some repeats. Set up some movies to record. Played some DS games. Worked on the cross stitch birth announcement for Tiny. Put Elliott Richard to bed. And now, here I am.

See…nothing much to report because I.Have.No.Life. lol

Although I have been working with Elliott Richard on a modified version of the Ferber method for helping a child to sleep. I started last night but so far, so good. Granted I’m not leaving the room, yet. But I’m also no longer having to pat his back or rock him to sleep. Tonight as he was settling in the night, I was creeping farther and farther away. The good news is that for 2 nights in a row now, he’s self-soothed to sleep. Yay! 🙂

Every other day or so, I’ve been posting a list as part of my daily Bed Rest countdown. It’s come to my attention that some people don’t truly understand how difficult it is to be placed on 90/10 bed rest. So tonight’s list(s) (maybe I’ll do more than one) will tackle that…

Things I Can’t Do or Will Miss While on Bed Rest
~I missed ice cream with Elliott Richard for his 2nd birthday.
~I cannot go shopping.
~I cannot do my laundry.
~I will miss Easter.
~Long showers and/or bathes are no longer an option.
~No more playtime on the floor with Elliott Richard.
~No more participating at Gavin’s school or the PTA.
~No more freedoms, period.

Things I Can Expect While on Bed Rest
~2 shots/day
~Days filled with worry and analyzing every cramp/twinge.
~Weekly doctors appointments with Dr. D.
~Medications with crazy side effects.
~More free time on my hands than I’ll ever know what to do with.
~Drinking 60-100 oz of water a day.
~Spending most of every day on my left side.
~Every day spent looking at the same 4 walls.

I know there are more that I could list. These lists also don’t do much to paint an accurate picture of what my life is like for the (hopefully) the next 4 months or so. But I wanted to give you a brief glimpse and show you that bed rest isn’t me sitting around, eating Bon-Bons and watching soap operas. It’s really frustrating to know that there are things that need to be done and I cannot do them. Likewise, it kills me to see home much stress and pressure this situation is putting on Rob and there isn’t anything I can do to help him. So please try and keep this stuff in mind when you hear about someone on bed rest (for whatever reason)…it’s truly not all fun and games.

And for those of you who sent me emails or called me, I’m sorry if I caused you to worry. I was just exhausted and trying to form coherent, intelligent, witty blogs was the last thing I wanted to do. But your love and concern is grately appreciated! *hugs*

6 down ~ 129 to go