Bed Rest ~ Day 4 General Ramblings

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Okay, so Bed Rest ~ Day 4 has just begun a few hours ago but there are a few things I wanted to blog about…simply because I can. I think the saddest part is that I am my own captive audience. lol Y’all can get up and walk away from my insanity at any point. I, however, am stuck with my insanity on my couch. 😉

So first, I’ve found 2 “new” blogs that I am in love with. Plus there is one that I have never really introduced you to, formally at least. So without furthur ado…here are my newest favorite blogs:

Learys In Love ~ I first mentioned Learys In Love here. She was the one who began the “For Tricia” movement. (Did you join in? I did.) Well, after I read her “For Tricia” I just had to read the rest of her blog. I’m finding myself captivated by her blog. There’s just something about her “voice” when she writes…I love it.

My Vagina, My Home ~ I found Slade’s blog by following a link from Learys In Love. Slade (I’m still reading from the beginning and so far I *think* Slade is her last name but don’t quote me on that.) is a professor/teacher at her local college/university in my all-time favorite subject, English. The assignments she has come up with for her students make me so jealous! I wish I had a teacher like Slade when I was in college. I am also captivated by her “voice”. It just speaks to me somehow. I’m only up to June 2006 but I’ve already commented many times because something she wrote just struck a cord with me, in a good way.

And last but not least…

Shannon ~ Shannon is a fellow high-risk pregnancy, bed rest bound mom. I met her on the SideLines message boards. She is a wonderfully optimistic mother of 3 boys and I honestly don’t know how she handles it all with bed rest. (You may have seen Shannon’s blog if you followed the link when I wrote about the Terb Pump here.)

If you have a moment and would like to check out these fine ladies blogs, please do so. Drop them a line. Leave them a comment. Share the love. 🙂

I also wanted to share another new facination of mine. I have discovered the show “Lockdown” on the National Geographic channel. It features different prisons throughout the United States and then focuses on the experiences of a few inmates from these prisons. I love these prison shows. As difficult as my life has been at times and of all the stupid decisions I’ve made in my 27 years, none of them have ever been so serious as to land me in jail/prison. The ingenius methods they come up with to get what they “need”, is astounding. They put MacGyver to shame! Plus I would never make it in prison…they have to have everything neat and in it’s proper place. My brain just doesn’t work that way. lol