Bed Rest ~ Day 3

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Well, it’s been yet another exciting day in the land of Bed Restville.

I woke up…with a migraine. Took a shower. Camped out on the couch for the day. Around lunch time, my MIL (mother-in-law) and Jenny (SIL = sister-in-law) stopped by with chocolate milkshakes and french fries. (yum) Not long after they left (thank you so much for stopping by!) Debbie came by to talk “shop”…other wise know as PTA talk. Then she went and took care of the PTA meeting. While Rob went and picked up our sons for a play date until the meeting was over. I, of course, hung out on the couch. After the meeting, Debbie stopped by to pick-up her son and visit for a bit. When my mom came to pick-up Gavin she brought me some chocolates, jordan almonds and a book. 🙂 I have pictures but I’m too sleepy to post them tonight. Aside from that, the rest of the day has been pretty much the same as the last two…me relaxing on the couch praying that the Procardia works soon and the pressure eases up.

During the relaxing, most of my day has been spent trying (desperately) to get rid of this goofy migraine. And now I’m just trying to stay awake Rob gets home…a battle that I’m loosing, oh well, as long as it gets rid of the migraine.

3 down ~ 132 to go