Baby Showers

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Yeah, so I’ve posted numerous times today. Sue me. I’m on bed rest and bored. (I tried to knit but my brain isn’t computing what the book wants me to do.) Anyway…

I’ve been thinking about baby showers. And then I was reading the back story of a new blog I found and like and she has a post about baby showers. In her post she mentions how she didn’t get a baby shower for her youngest and it made her sad that his baby book had all these empty pages. I feel her pain. Now I had a “baby shower” when I was pregnant with Gavin, however, it was mainly my aunts and a few cousins and as much as my mom tried, it wasn’t very cheerful. I mean it was but there’s a limit to how cheerful anyone can be for an 18 year old unwed mother, ya know? Then Gavin was 5 years old when I found out I was pregnant with Elliott Richard so I got another shower. Partly because almost everything I had used for Gavin was my little brother, Zachary’s and that made it all 10 years old in 2000. Forget about it being safe in 2006! I also had a shower for Elliott Richard because Rob and I were married and he is Rob’s parents first biological grandchild. Now that I’m pregnant with Tiny only 2 years after Elliott Richard, he won’t get a shower. This saddens me because he too will have many empty pages in his baby book(s).

Now allow me to clarify, I do not want to have a shower for Tiny because of the gifts. Although I do like to open gifts. 😉 lol I want to have a “non-shower shower”. I want to basically have a big party with all the makings of a shower without the gifts. What it basically breaks down to is this, Tiny will be our last child. If I make it to full term, it will be a miracle. So doesn’t Tiny deserve to be celebrated just like every other pregnancy? Don’t we deserve the chance to celebrate our achievement of making it that far?