It never ends…. Update

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I had my meeting tonight and it went really, really well. Dr. P is 100% on board with us and is more then willing to donate her time to go to other counties if need be to ensure Gavin is safe. We are so grateful that for once someone is going to stand up for Gavin. Dr. P and Dr. R are amazing and we would be lost without them…. Thank you so much for all your time. Thank you for making Gavin your priority and not the adults in his life. This is all we have been fighting for. All we ever wanted was someone to look after Gavin’s best interests and we have found that with his current doctors.

Also we wanted to thank Debbie and Marc for stopping by and hanging out today. Gavin had his very first friend come over today. I cried when I told this to people today because Gavin has never had friends. He has not had even 1 friend his entire life. Gavin played Lego Star Wars II with his friend today and it was simply amazing. Most parents take for granted the simple things that come easy. We were moved beyond explanation today watching Gavin play with his friend. We hope there are many more days were that came from.

It means alot to have friends we can rely on now. It has taken us a little time to get used to the idea because our trust has been misplaced so many times before. Thanks for everything. On a side note: make sure you let me know if you need help putting that wireless card in your computer. I can talk you through it over the phone if you have problems.

I also wanted to thank my parents for stopping by to check on us tonight. It meant so much to see you guys tonight. We really needed it. Thank You.

Last but certianlly not least. Thanks goes out again to Lizze’s mom for taking Gavin for a little while. We will now hopefully be able to better shield him from our stress levels for a little bit. Thank You……

We love you all. Thank you for everything.