Bed Rest ~ Day 2

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What Tiny is up to this week: Your beautiful little miracle-gro baby will be putting on a full ounce and a half this week (and weighing up to 16.5 ounces), but that’s just the beginning! Within the next five weeks, they’ll really be packin’ it on! For now, we’re pleased to report the addition of rapid eye movement (REM) a key component to any healthy baby’s sleep schedule. While in the dermatology department: their thin soft skin is very red, rather translucent, and a bit wrinkled. Not to worry, it’s not a premature aging disease. It’s just their clever little body setting them up with extra space that will smooth out once your little one starts packing on the baby-fat. That won’t be for a few more weeks, though. So for the time being, your munchkin is still a little lean mean growing machine! The beginnings of what is commonly called “brown fat” is just starting to fill in to help your baby retain some body heat, which is crucial as they’re not yet capable of regulating their own body temperature.

Today has been pretty calm so far. Here’s the run down…

We woke up at 8:00am. (Yay for sleeping toddlers!) Hung out on the couch. Played some Oblivion. Hung out on the couch some more. Drank some water. Had a potty break. Spoke with my insurance company about my Procardia. They are still debating the request. Hung out on the couch some more. (Are you noticing a pattern here? lol) Spoke with Lori, Dr. D’s nurse, about the Procardia and a few other prescriptions. Rob took Elliott Richard to the grocery store. I hung out on the couch. Spoke with the pharmacy, my Heparin is on back order! (ARGH!) She’s calling around to try and find some for us. And now I’m talking to the insurance company (again) about my Procardia, which they say is approved but the pharmacy has no record of that. And now (this is all literally happening while I’m trying to type this up. lol) the pharmacy has the approved order and can fill my Procardia prescription. (Yay!) Now it’s back to our regularlly scheduled program of…that’s right, hanging out on the couch! lol

I think the biggest thing to happen today will be the fact that my Procardia was filled! (Yay!) Now hopefully they will be able to find another pharmacy with Heparin in stock and I’ll be all set.

2 down ~ 133 to go