This is for Trisha

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Nathan posted about a mom who had made a list of “Mommy Things” that she wishes for Tricia. She then urged other moms to do the same, for Tricia. So Tricia, I’ve never met you face-to-face and I likely never will…but this is for you. *hugs*

Mommy Wishes for Tricia

  • baby spit up – in your hair, on your clothes, and in your mouth – at
  • walking out the door with spit up all down the back of your shirt – only you
    don’t know.
  • standing at the pediatrician’s office – signing in while juggling a diaper
    bag, baby carrier, insurance cards.
  • the miracle of every new word and new milestone.
  • walking downstairs (after you’ve been gone for 5 mins to pee) to hear
    “MOMMY” as if she was convinced you’d never return.
  • the realization that you will never get to pee in peace again for the next
  • those rare moments with your darling husband sprinkled with intense
    listening for cries, squeaks, sneezes, coughes and general signs of no sleeping
    taking place.
  • the tears shed during vaccines – your’s not her’s.
  • the moment when she turns to you for comfort after those tears are shed – no
    one else will do.
  • the first time she looks into your eyes and realizes that Mommy is sad and
    she hugs you before running off to play.
  • that one show that you hate above all other children’s shows is the one show that she loves above all else – no other show will do.
  • falling sleep on the couch with her on your chest (watching the afore
    mentioned show and the remote is out of reach) but you wouldn’t move for all the money in the world.
  • the moment when you know there’s a stinky diaper calling your name but when you call her name she runs (wobbly and arms flying) in the other direction – what a great game Mommy’s invented!
  • chasing her playfully through the house and scooping her up to shower her with kisses in the midst of giggles.

Tricia, I wish you all of these things and more. I wish that you know the extreme joy as well as the sorrows that come with parenthood. The love that threatens to overwhelm you and consume you at a moment’s notice. I wish for you, a million and one kisses. I wish for you, the realization that you and Nathan created the miracle that will love you and break your heart in the blink of an eye.