It never ends…….

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Today was going to be a good day. My wife was getting the weekly visit from our nurse and we got to hear the baby. Happy to report, besides all the other problems tiny seems to be going really well..

At 10:30am this morning we had a very nice woman from the county wrap around program come to our house to help us with everything we have going on. She makes resources available for us and helps us to preserve the integrity of our family. They help find respite care for Gavin and help fund other things for us. They are very good people.

We were in the process of explaining what was going on and where we were now with all of the old court stuff. No sooner did we say that Gavin’s father and grandmother had disappeared 8 months ago we got a knock at the door. We had a certified letter from the courts were they live. They are seeking to have my pregnant wife put in jail for something she didn’t do. We can prove everything but we still have to make the 3 hour drive appear and defend ourselves.

The problem is that Lizze cannot appear in court for obvious reasons. The court date is set for May 5, 2008. It’s really cut and dry, we did nothing wrong and we can easily prove it but this woman will not stop. We offered for her to see Gavin up here (which is all we are allowed to do)but she refuses to see him unless he goes to her house. Gavin really misses her and it breaks our heart to know she won’t see her grandson unless it is on her terms. She has proven she cannot be trusted so all the doctors, case workers and the court said she gets supervised visits. Those visits were to only take place when the father set them up and he refuses to do that. So we offered to allow her to see Gavin even if the father wasn’t involved(because Gavin has the right to see his family in a safe, controlled environment). We couldn’t give her more if we wanted to because when we ended all the court stuff last year we all agreed to work together and that the doctors would decide if and when unsupervised visits would resume.

So we now have to go to court and defend my wife. We have been told that they may not allow her to stay home regardless of the risk to her life or the baby’s. So if she doesn’t show up she will be in contempt of court. We are going to try to get her a reprieve. Dr. D isn’t going to allow her to go if he has anything to say about it.

We spoke with our attorney today and he may not be able to represent us anymore because of how much money we owe him. This whole thing has cost us over $50,000 we still owe about $37,000.00 and all of it is because of things like this. So we are in limbo at this point and have no idea what we are going to do. We have tried everything to work with her but she is simply impossible. We are willing to allow contact but not willing to put Gavin in danger. We have the complete support of all people involved up here, however she is trying to circumvent the system by going to another county.

I have a meeting with Gavin’s therapist tonight and we will devise a plan of attack. Hopefully this will go away and his grandmother will be willing to see Gavin regardless of her personal inconvenience. We will keep you all posted…

Lizze’s mother is going to take Gavin for awhile because Lizze and I are complete wrecks and we have to much on our plate. Gavin is so sensitive and will pick up on the stress and react accordingly. Gavin will have a good time and Grandma gets a better understanding of whats going on with him and she will be able to help shield him from some of this. Thank You so much mom!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Please keep us in your prayers. We need them…. Thank You