Bed Rest ~ Day 1

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Rob has already posted but this is something new I’m going to start. I’m hoping it will help me to have something every day that I look forward to doing. Maybe then my sentence won’t see like a lifetime. *crosses fingers*

So Bed Rest ~ Day 1 was interesting.

I woke up more nauseated than I’ve been in a month. Lisa, my Matria nurse came and I got my injection. My OB battled with the pharmacy twice – once over my syringes for my Heparin and once over my Procardia. (I still haven’t started either medication and I really needed my Procardia today.) Canice, from the Wraparound Program, came out to see us and promised to help, even if she gets in trouble with her boss. (There are still good people willing to go out a limb to do the right thing.) I was served with papers from my ex-mother-in-law seeking to have me thrown in jail for no less than 30 days because I wouldn’t/won’t give in and give her what she wants – now or 3 years ago. (Can we say juvenile?! *rolls eyes*) My attorney began to show his true colors. I took a nap. My mother offered to take Gavin for a while. My best friend picked her son and Gavin up from school. Then she stayed to visit. (Thank you!)

The day isn’t over yet but it’s been pretty busy so far. There were things I was hoping to accomplish but didn’t. There were things I didn’t know needed done, that I was able to do.

These are some of the things I’ve learned:

  • There are adults who care about me aside from my husband and mother.
  • I have a best friend who is a true best friend. She gets the meaning of the term and it suits her perfectly.
  • I can nap on the couch and still be aware enough to prevent Elliott Richard
    from rolling off the couch.
  • Just like in life, there are good and bad people working customer service. I was fortunate today to deal with one of the good guys. The good guys are too few and far between, in my humble opinion.
  • 14 inches of melting snow will find the weakest point/only leak and abuse it, causing as much damage as possible.
  • Care packages are wonderful, uplifting things. Big, small…food or craft based, it doesn’t matter. They all warm the heart by serving as a long term reminder that I am loved. Something that is easier to forget while trapped on the couch.
  • Tiny loves it when I eat and seems to like 3 o’clock in the afternoon best.
  • Gavin had his first playdate ever and everyone survived.
  • My printer will always work, as long as I do not want to use it. As soon as I want to use it, the network will not allow me to do so.

Overall, it’s been an interesting day.

1 down – 134 to go (assuming I make it to my due date)