3 down 15 to go

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Three 17P injections down! Woo whoo!

Lisa just left a little bit ago. She’s so sweet. She always asks me how my week has been and then is so disappointed when she hears how crazy it was. I told her all about my emergency appointment with Dr. D last Tuesday. The contractions and whatnot on Saturday. The trip to L&D on Sunday. And my appointment with Dr. D yesterday. She suggested that maybe Dr. D would be willing to ask for a home monitor now to keep an eye on the contractions and irrititabilities. That way if my insurance fights us on it we can get it figured out by 24 weeks, which is when the monitor is usually started at home. Or if they don’t fight it we can just start to monitor at home a few weeks early. Then she took my stats and gave me my injection. Pretty straight forward appointment today. Although she did tell me that she will be on vacation for the next two weeks!!! ACK!

Here are the stats from the morning:

BP: 120/70
Tiny’s HB: 140bpm

I also spoke with Dr. D’s nurse, Lori, about my Procardia prescription. He’s angry at my pharmacy for “jepordizing the life of his patient because the pharmacist thinks she knows better than a doctor”. So they are working that out.

I’m sorry this is such a lame post…I woke up extremely nauseated this morning so I took my Phenergan. Now I’m extremely exhausted.