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Want to know how to make my day? MAIL! I love mail! Cards, letters, pictures, care packages…email, snail mail, air mail…I’m not picky! lol
My dear Due Date Buddy Merrilee is big into knitting and she kindly sent me some of her extra supplies so I could start a new hobby! *does happy dance*

This is my care package still in the box. Before Elliott Richard realized there were “balls” in there. lol

These are all the goodies from my care package. Allow me to give you the run down: yarn (white, marroon, baby blue, and mauve), 3 different sets of knitting needles (the big orange ones are my favorites based on looks alone lol), 6 different crochet needles, 3 different sets of what appear to be connected knitting needles (these confuse me), 2 how to knit books, some yarn needles (in the pink packages), some yummy smelling samples of perfume and stuff (the one in the gold glitter package is my favorite), some Dove dark chocolates, a box of mints (I think) that say “Knitting Girl” on the tin, a card and a picture (both are going straight into the pregnancy journal). I haven’t been able to really check everything out yet because Elliott Richard believes Merrilee sent the balls of yarn for him to throw and chase and unravel. (What fun!) So I stashed my goodies right after I took this picture (see his foot in the upper right corner – he’s trying to steal my yarn!) and I’ll look everything over later after Kate comes for the boys.

Thank you so much Merrilee! I can’t express just how much this package lifted my spirits today.