It’s later…

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Okay, the boys are now home and passed out in bed. Rob is watching his Stargate movie. I am working my way through the shows I recorded today. Here’s my account of the 4-5 hours we spent in the L&D this evening…

Starting late yesterday morning, early afternoon I began having 6 contractions in an hour inconsistantly. Meaning I could have 6 in one hour then 3 the next, on and on. Then on top of that, there was the pressure. If I sat for too long, the pressure would start. If I stood up, forget about it! The pressure was crazy and not a good sign. Problem was that with the “Ohio Blizzard of ’08” we weren’t able to get to L&D before this afternoon.

The city finally came through this morning and plowed the streets, effectively plowing us in! (THANK YOU FOR THAT! *insert sarcasm here*) I drank water, layed on my left side and waited to see if today was going to be a repeat of yesterday. It was. So around noon, I ate (because they always starve you in L&D) and took a shower and got dressed. Then I called and spoke with the nurse. She sent me to L&D. Once in L&D they took the “vitals” (see below) and hooked me up to the monitor to watch my contractions. The contractions I was feeling (and I mean feeling) weren’t showing up on the monitor. But every 5-10 minutes I was having these little blips but the doctor said they weren’t anything to worry about. My guess is that they were “irritabilities”, which basically means that my uterus is kind of twitching but not accomplishing anything right now. That’s good and bad. Good, because it’s not accomplishing anything. Bad, because twitching is just bad in general. He checked me and said I wasn’t dilating. Dr. D told him to order an ultrasound just to be sure though. The ultrasound showed everything just as it should be. (yay!)

In the end, they sent me home with orders to come back if anything changed drastically and to call Dr. D’s office first thing in the morning. Dr. D wants to discuss a.s.a.p. what we do from here on out and the very real possibility of blood thinners and meds to stop the contractions and irritabilities. They don’t want me to start my full modified bed rest before I start the blood thinners because they don’t want another DVT like I had with Elliott Richard. We have a jam packed day tomorrow, without adding Dr. D to the mix, so I’ll post as soon as I can when we know more.

Prayers would be greatly appreciated at this point. Pray that Tiny stays put. Pray that the contractions and irritabilities continue to be ineffective. Pray that I start the meds tomorrow and begin to get some relief and piece of mind that Rob and I so desperately need. A little extra sanity wouldn’t hurt either. (I keep shopping around for some sanity but it seems everyone, every where is OUT! lol)

Weight: 169.5 lb
BP: 120/70
Tiny’s HB: 125 bpm (via doppler)
Tiny’s HB: 136 bpm (via ultrasound)
Pulse: 91 bpm