The Story of Elliott Richard – The Pregnancy

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My pregnancy with Gavin was pretty quiet. However, I had a lot of stress and was hoping for a fairly stress-free and “textbook” pregnancy. Alas, that was not to be.

Elliott Richard’s pregnancy started off quiet and “textbook”. Then a few things happened all at once. Toward the end of my first Trimester, I began cramping and coincidentally my ex-mother-in-law filed her original contempt motion seeking to have me thrown in jail. About this time, Gavin’s behavior took a scary and disturbing turn so Rob and I made a conference appointment with his pediatrician to discuss our options. He referred us to a new psychiatrist in town, Dr. R. We met with Dr. R fully expecting a diagnosis of ADHD or something similar. We got a nightmare roller coaster involving CPS (Child Protective Services) and our local courts. All of this obviously equaled insane amounts of stress for me.

Then to add a little salt to the wounds, my OB decides to retire out of nowhere! How does he tell his patients this little tid bit of news? By posting a letter to his door! So there I am four months pregnant with no OB. He referred me to a few new OB’s but I had learned from his door notice stunt, that anyone he was endorsing was not the person I wanted to deliver my child. So I began going page by page, name by name through my insurance companies books of covered doctors. I looked them up online. I researched my butt off. And still had no idea who I was going to see.

Finally, God stepped in (as he so often does) and led the way. As I poured over that book of doctors and did my research one name kept jumping out at me, Dr. D. I didn’t know why but it did. So I did what any self-respecting mother does at that point, I called my Mommy. And she did what she does as my Mommy, she gave me the answer. She told me to call my Aunt Carol because she works in the hospital where I deliver my children. She’s worked there for years. So I called her. I asked her what she knew of Dr. D and as it turns out, Dr. D delivered my cousin’s baby 11 years ago! She had nothing but positive and wonderful things to say about him, which made my choice clear. I had found my OB! 🙂

Things were quiet for a while after the OB drama. My cousin, Sam, got married in September. Rob’s brother, Jon, got married in October. We had Thanksgiving (my all-time favorite holiday). Then Christmas. All the while Elliott Richard and I were cruising along. Slightly more stressed than usual but happy and healthy nonetheless. We even managed to survive New Years Eve. Granted we had a view visits to L&D for contractions and cramping. But nothing major. Nothing serious. Then, just before Gavin’s 6th birthday it all changed.

At 27 weeks, I called Dr. D’s office about a few contractions I was having. They weren’t consistent or timeable but they were painful. The office was getting ready to close so they had me go to L&D for monitoring. Of course, I get there and I’m feeling the contractions but like always they weren’t showing up on the monitor. Just to be on the safe side they did the fFN test. Everyone fully expected it to come back negative. It didn’t. It came back positive. Suddenly my contractions that I was feeling and they weren’t seeing became a big deal. I was admitted to the hospital and stayed there for a few days while they started me on terb and played with the dosage. In the end, they sent me home with a prescription for the terb and orders for bed rest.

A few weeks later, at 29 weeks I called about the contractions again. Again they weren’t getting closer together or more timable but they were definitely more painful. I had called after hours so they had me go to L&D just to be sure. Also for the week before, I had also been having a sharp stabbing pain in the left side of my groin/hip joint. I figured the hip pain was just from me laying funny so I didn’t mention it on the phone. Then as I changed my clothes I noticed my left leg was red, warm to the touch and nearly twice it’s normal size. The monitoring in L&D showed I was in fact having more contractions. I also failed the fFN again. The major concern at that point was my leg because it was becoming more and more evident that I had developed a DVT while on bed rest.

Dr. D began ordering all of the necessary tests to help determine how bad things had gotten. I was started on Lovenox, a blood thinner, because I could not do thrombolitic treatments while pregnant, which is what they normally do for a patient with a DVT. All told I was in the antepartum wing of L&D for nearly 2 weeks. They ran gobs of tests included genetic testing for any and all clotting disorders. Everything kept coming back fine. In the end, Dr. D sent me home with orders for Lovenox, more terb and more bed rest.

That was the last major issue Elliott or I had during the pregnancy. Everything stayed pretty quite and medicated until Dr.D told me to stop the terb at 36 weeks. I then spent a few days walking Wal*Mart and the local mall trying to get my contractions closer together than 20 minutes. Ultimately, Elliott Richard decided to break his bag of waters. I joked that he grew tired of us using medications to stop his early escape so he did the only thing he could. He broke my water! lol