Dr. D Update

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Welp, I just heard from the nurse. She said that Dr. D wants me to come in at 3:00pm for an emergency ultrasound and appointment. Fun. Fun.

I wonder if this will be my 20 wk ultrasound even though I’m not 20 wks until tomorrow. Or will I get to see Tiny twice in one week?! 🙂

I’m hanging out on the couch because I got up to get more water a few minutes ago and the pressure returned. It’s not looking good folks. I wonder if I can get an emergency absentee ballot?

Now would be the time to jump start your prayer engines. Pray that the ultrasound shows a healthy Tiny. No placenta previa (another concern as of late – can’t remember if I ever posted about that). No cervical changes. PRAY PRAY PRAY!!!