2 down 16 more to go

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My Matria nurse just left. I’ve now had 2 of my 18 injections. Let me just tell you, my butt is killing me!!!! And I know it’s all psychological but the right side (today’s site) hurts. The left side (last week’s site) itches. I think it’s sympathy “pains”. lol

Things in general are looking kind of hairy at this point. I’ve been having cramping and contractions pretty steady (not timable) yesterday and I woke up with them this morning. I’ve also been having these strange sharp pains in my cervix off and on with some pressure but nothing major. She’s already telling me to talk to my OB about the terb pump (the link for the blog of a fellow high risk pregnant mom on bed rest because I can’t find any better info about the terb pump! Shannon knows more than anyone else I’ve found. lol) and home monitor. I told her that Matria wouldn’t allow me to have the monitor until 24 wks but I wasn’t sure about the terb pump.*sigh*

Lisa, my nurse, said that my OB gets copies of her weekly reports but she doesn’t want me to wait for him to get that. She wants me to call and update him. So I’m currently waiting for my Dr. D’s office to call me back. The nurse I spoke with was new and she said that he probably wouldn’t want to see me. Of course, she’s also so new that she still doesn’t know me. All the other nurses know me by name, on sight or by the sound of my voice! But I’ll wait. With any luck he’ll just want to increase my bed rest and not see me. Ah well, a girl can dream. *sigh*

I’m having such mixed feelings lately. I’m now half way, well tomorrow by my calendars. I really don’t want to be half way. I don’t want this pregnancy to end because it is most likely my last. I certainly didn’t want any of this to happen again. I figured it would but I had hoped I would at least make it to 27 wks again. Looks like no luck. I just want to make it as close to 36 wks as possible. I don’t care the Hell I have to live through to get there. I just want a healthy baby.