It’s great to be loved.

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Sometimes it’s easy during all the hustle and bustle for a gal to forget that she is loved. And even when I manage to remember, it’s easy to forget what it’s like. That’s why it’s so great when those who love us take a moment to show us.

My father-in-law called this afternoon. He wanted to take the boys and to know if Rob would like some chicken noodle soup. While Rob jumped at the chance to have chicken noodle soup (it’s one of his favorite meals) I declined on the offer to take the boys for a while.

I know that sounds crazy since Rob and I need a break so desperately. Just allow me to explain. Gavin was half-zonked in his room from his new meds (I thought he was asleep he was so quiet up there!) and I didn’t want to disturb him. As for Elliott Richard, well I think he’s trying to fight off this nasty “super bug” lately because he’s been super clingy and snugly. Not to mention slightly lethargic, so I opted to keep him home as well.

He still wanted to bring Rob the soup though and he wanted to know if there was anything I wanted. I was touched that he even thought to ask. I told him that I’ve been craving pop lately (not so much any one pop flavor just more the carbonation) but I needed caffeine-free. He said “no problem”. He brought Rob his soup and some rolls. I got two 2 liters of pop (Pepsi and Sierra Mist). He even brought the boys some gummy bears, which they ate in less than 5 minutes! lol

Sometimes it’s just nice to be reminded that we aren’t as alone as we feel. Thanks Dad! For the soup, the pop, the gummy bears and the reminder that we are loved. It means more than you know.