The good, the bad and the sicker

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We’ll start with the sicker, otherwise known as Rob. He just called while he’s on his way to the pharmacy with his prescriptions. Apparently he has an especially nasty case of bronchitis. Luckily we caught it just before it got really nasty and became pneumonia. They told him to drink lots of fluids and to rest. The fluids we can do. The rest is going to be a little trickier. So far, at least one prayer has been answered: Rob was in and out quickly with enough time to get to the pharmacy. Thank God.

Now for the good: Wild Cherry M&M’s. Have you tried them yet? No? Well, you need to. I spotted them while picking up the necessities and Rob’s NyQuil at Giant Eagle. They are delish! Of course, I’m partial to anything cherry and chocolate flavored. 😉 lol

The bad? Well, no bad really. Just stressed. But the title doesn’t really work without three different things, does it? 😉 lol