One down, 17 to go…

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My nurse, Lisa, just left a little bit ago. She was here for about 45 minutes because we had paperwork and whatnot to do this time. My stats are:

Temp 98.6
BP 110/60
Tiny’s HB 146

I was worried that Matria (the company she works for) would be a home health care company where the turnover rate is really high and they didn’t really specialize in maternity and obstetrics. Apparently, maternity and obstetrics are all Matria does. Plus some preemie home care. Matria is also part of Summa Health Care, which is a pretty big health care/insurance group up north of here. So I felt much better just knowing that.

Lisa was super nice and really good at her job. She put me completely at ease. We talked for a little while. Then she took my vitals (see above) and then she gave me my injection. We had sent Gavin to his room when she got there because the sight of needles sends him into a tailspin, even if they aren’t for him. Rob kept Elliott Richard busy in the office because he does okay with the sight of needles, unless they are directed at me. That freaks him out and makes him angry. The injection was relatively painless. It takes a little over a minute for her to push the whole amount in because it’s suspended in oil, which makes it really thick. I’m a little sore but not too bad. I told her that she has to be my nurse for the rest of the pregnancy because she’s so good. 🙂

We spent a lot of the time talking about the boys. At one point our conversation turned to Gavin and his Autism/Asperger’s. She said a good friend’s son had been recently diagnosed. So I mentioned Gavin’s school and ADHD. At that point I learned a little bit about her daughter and situation. It was nice to be talked to as a human being rather just another patient, just another number.

I’m incredibly greatful Lisa was assigned my case. I prayed to God that my nurse would be nice and good at giving the injections. Trust me when I say that some nurses suck at giving this type of injection! God granted this prayer…Lisa is awesome! She is going to be what helps make these injections livable for the next 18 weeks. Well, her and hearing Tiny’s heartbeat once a week. 🙂