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My poor body is so confused. To look outside, it appears to be later than 8:00am. To listen to my body, it’s more like 3 or 4 am. *sigh* I feel like poo. I don’t know if I’m having a Fibro flare or if I’m coming down with some nasty bug. I’ve been lucky so far this pregnancy in that I haven’t had any Fibro flares yet. Rob did some research on pregnancy and Fibro. Apparently, if you start the pregnancy in the midst of a flare there’s a good chance the flare could last most, if not all, of the pregnancy. However, if you start the pregnancy while you are not experiencing a flare or any major symptoms, there is a small chance that the Fibro may not come back. I was hoping for the latter but it doesn’t appear I’ll be that lucky.

Of course, I could have just over-done things more than I realized yesterday. I had some running around to do and then I picked Gavin up at my parents house. After that I wanted to take the boys to an indoor playland at McDonald’s so they could get some wiggles out. The winter weather is killing us all but them especially because they have no room to wiggle. lol So I called my BFF Debbie to see if she wanted to meet us with her son, Marc. (Marc and Gavin were in the same class last year.)

So we all met at McDonald’s and had lunch. Then Gavin and Marc played in the playland for a while before Debbie and I decided to check out The Flower Factory, which is never a good idea for me when I can’t actually buy anything. lol But we had fun. Gavin and Marc did really well. Elliott Richard was a champ considering it was way past his nap time and he was exhausted. And Debbie and I got to pretend for a little while that we didn’t have the weight of the world on our shoulders. 🙂 We will definitely have to do that again, soon!

Of course, I couldn’t leave my day at that because that would have been the sensible thing to do. lol Once we got home I put Elliott Richard to bed (he had fallen asleep in the car 5 minutes before we got home) and relaxed for a little while. Once he woke up I tackled my bedroom. I had baskets and baskets of clean clothes that had been folded but never sorted or put away. I put them away. Then I needed to use the Linen Closet but couldn’t because it had become a sort of “catch all/junk closet” so I cleaned it out. I pitched a ton of stuff! 🙂 Then I reorganized the closet so that some of the space/drawers could be used to store my PTA stuff. So I put some of the PTA stuff away so that Elliott Richard can’t keep playing with it. The rest of the night was pretty quiet.

And now, here I sit. Exhausted with swollen fingers (yes, it’s starting already) feeling like poo. Rob and I are considering having an “Ebay Garage Sale”. There’s a ton of stuff that we have and don’t need or want and would love to get rid of. So I’m checking out Ebay to see if it’s even worth messing with…I think I’m going to be lazy today, which stinks because I was hoping to get the mess in Elliott Richard’s room/nursery sorted out so that we can begin to seriously plan for Tiny. Shoot. Ah well, there’s always tomorrow.