The joys of pregnancy

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It’s only 8:19am and I feel as if I have been awake for ages not 45 minutes. Elliott Richard slept through the night until about 5:30am, which is an unusual occurance in our home. Sometimes I think that’s worse than having to get up a dozen times with him because then my body gets a taste of what it so desperately needs. lol

I had crazy pregnancy dreams last night. I dreamt that I was sleeping and had a dream. Then I dreamt that I was living what I had dreamt in my dream. Confused? lol There was something about Kelly Rippa. I think we went to her house for a party but when I was telling my Mom that I had dreamed the whole thing, Kelly Rippa went crazy saying that I was a demon or something. There was something about me giving birth to Tiny. In my dream Tiny was a boy but I couldn’t find a name I liked. (So far I’ve had 1 Tiny as a girl dream and 1 Tiny as a boy dream.) The hospital staff was getting really angry that I was “refusing” to name Tiny. The whole dream was just odd.

Now I’m trying desperately to wake up and failing miserably. I’m feeling really sentimental for some reason this morning. And I have that nagging feeling like something big and meaningful is going to take place today but that could be left over from my funky dream. Only time will tell I suppose.

Rob and I have been discussing returning to church. I so desperately want to return to church! It’s just a burning inside – if that makes any sense. We are just momentarily clashing over the churches we should look into.

I’m thrilled to report that Gavin returned to school on Thursday. He asked Wednesday night if he was going to have school the next day. We assured him that even if we had to strap our snow shovel to the front of our car, he would have school Thursday. 😉 lol I was worried that Thursday and Friday would be pretty rocky days since his schedule was thrown so far off track but he did really well. Although I don’t know that they accomplished a whole lot. lol

Elliott Richard’s been going stir crazy with the rest of us. Of course he almost go a one way ticket to the local Emergency Department. Lately Gavin has taken to sitting on the arm of the couch and swinging his legs over to get off the couch. As is typical with Gavin, we’ve told him not to sit on the arm of the couch but he forgets and does it anyway. Well the Elliott Richard decided that he would sit on the arm of the couch. Then he began to loose his balance and fall backwards. Necks don’t tend to be very good at breaking a fall, they just break. As Rob puts it, my “lightning fast cat-like reflexes” (*eye roll* lol) pulled Elliott Richard off the arm of the couch just in time. Unfortunately, he conked his head on the way down but at least it wasn’t anything worse.

For the most part Gavin has been…well, Gavin lately. One of our big struggles has been trying to get him to understand that Elliott Richard worships him and mimics every little thing he does. Plus we can’t get him to stop doing those things that he shouldn’t be doing. I’ve tried absolutely everything I can think of and nothing seems to stick. It’s so frustrating because it was one thing when it was just Gavin because then his actions were directly effecting him. I didn’t like it when he got hurt but the “natural consequences” were his and his alone. Lately though, since Elliott Richard has developed this “Gavin obsession” what should be Gavin’s natural consequences have become Elliott’s. And it’s difficult enough to teach Gavin with natural consequences that he experiences but it’s nearly impossible to teach him through natural consequences that other’s experience because of him.