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As I’ve mentioned before, I *heart* Big Brother. In fact, I’m probably mildly obsessed. That aside, I’m furious right now! On MySpace, I am a member of a group called “Autism Connections”. I woke up this morning and check my MySpace info to find a bulletin from Autism Connections about my beloved Big Brother. (see below)

Feb 15, 2008 1:12 AM
Man on CBS show Big Brother calls kids
autism “retards”
***** I got this from Joy. Thanks for
making us
aware Joy.original message from Joy:I hated seeing this and it
made me angry!! A
PR Guy on the big brother show works for an autism
foundation and called
children with autism, RETARDS!!I don’t know about you,
but I will be making and
filing a complaint against CBS and I’m goning to
try to find out where and what
the foundation is, that the guy is working
at. I’m sorry to post this on
valentines day , but I wanted to know and see
this! Please repost and pass
along!!Our children are at risk by this guys
presence at the foundation he
works!God Bless,JOY

So I follow the link to YouTube and this is what I find:
(It won’t allow me to embed the video for some reason so please go and watch at the link for yourself.)


I am sickened by this…this…I don’t know what to call him. No real man would call Autistic children retards and then defend the statement by saying “What? I work with them all day, I’ll call them what I want.” or “Well, they are. They’re all retards, it’s not my fault.” Whatever he is, he’s sick. And not in the “oh I kind of pity him, he doesn’t know any better” kind of sick. He’s just a sick, self-centered, narcisstic….ARGH!

So here’s what we do, we contact CBS and complain. True, they have no control over him. However, they have control over their show.

Next, I suggest we contact United Autism Foundation (the Autism Foundation he is a PR rep for) and we complain to them. Again, they have no control over his actions. However, they control his pay checks or the lack thereof. Autism fundraising is struggling to begin with, we don’t need it connected with a schmuck like Adam.